When Survivors Give Birth

Penny Simkin, PT

Phyllis Klaus, MFT, LCSW


Meet the professionals who have been personally trained by Phyllis and Penny, and approved to offer the workshop.


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A one of a kind book for survivors and their maternity caregivers.

This workshop was really wonderful to attend – a difficult topic that was approached with sensitivity and a deep sense of compassion and hope that it is possible for women to overcome their history and move forward with confidence. Spring 2015

This workshop provided me with a wealth of information that I can use in my practice.

For a day filled with so much heavy and difficult subject matter, it was simply a delight and honor to get to learn from Penny.  …The impact will be felt for years to come!

I feel more knowledgeable and confident in my doula work as a result of this workshop. I feel like I can better detect if a client has had a previous trauma and how to address the situation the best way I can. I know how to better work alongside a Survivor and their birth team because I have learned the tools to do so from this class.

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